How I Turned My Rejection into Selection at ISSB - 1

I had done my FA to get commission and that was my dream. After getting rejected, this dream became a challenge. Now that I had seen the path, I knew what happened to me in ISSB. I was not able to display my qualities properly. I decided to carry out a research on ISSB and prepare myself in a manner that ISSB people are unable to reject me. I knew it will be life turning moment for me. I put all my energies into it. I devoted one complete year and worked to the extent that I had to listen “He has gone mad.”In the process of re-searching about ISSB, I met about 20 ex-candidates including few selected ones. Now, not only I had a fair idea, I was very clear about everything.

When I was preparing, my all friends and many other people knew it, because I was doing every thing very openly. I had tied up a rope with a suitable tree branch and practiced a lot to climb to top and to cross over from one side to the other. In Individual Obstacles, the rope climbing and crossing which I was unable to do at ISSB despite trying and wasting my precious 30 seconds and lot of energy, now with practice I was able to do in 7 seconds very easily as I had learned the technique. My friends used to note the timing for my each activity. Many people would stand there and see me doing that. Some age fellows of mine would try to copy me as well. I had created other prototype obsitacles used to practice those obstacles as well.

My Preparations were not restricted to physical side only. I was preparing for Word Association Test (WAT), Sentence Completion Test, Story Writing, Self Description, Form Filling, General Knowledge, Intelligence Test (at that time repeaters also used to appear for Intelligence Tests, now some time they do and some time don't)). I used to ask every returning candidate about words, sentences, stories, discussion topics, task diagrames and prepare those. Like Board exams, thing are repeated at ISSB as well. By the time I went for ISSB second time I was master of every thing which I had to do there and how I performed..... Read on