Physics Class 11 & 12-3000 MCQs

You are in FSC which is the most crucial phase and class of your life. After getting good marks you will have to appear in entry test in which you will have to get good score. If you do not do will in entry test then that means you have wasted your 2 years. To do well in board exam and entry test you must plan your studies right now. The subjects which are covered here on this page are all lessons of physics class 11 and 12 in the form of multiple choice questions.

Selected and Chosen Questions For Board Exams and Entry Tests

Physics Class XI and XII

Physics Class 11

Physics Class 12

Chapter - 1 Measurements  Chapter 12 - Electrostatics
Chapter 2 Vectors and Equilibrium  Chapter 13 - Current and Electricity
Chapter 3 Motion and Force  Chapter 14 - Electromagnetism
Chapter 4 Work and Energy  Chapter 15 - Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 5 Circular Motion  Chapter 16 - Alternating Current
Chapter 6 Fluid Dynamics  Chapter 17 - Physics of Solids
Chapter 7 Oscillations  Chapter 18 - Electronics
Chapter 8 Waves  Chapter 19 - Dawn of Modern Physics
Chapter 9 Physical Optics  Chapter 20 - Atomic Spectra
Chapter - 10 Optical Instruments  Chapter 21 - Nuclear Physics
Chapter 11 Heat and Thermodynamics