ISSB Word Association Test
Click on the Word to See the Sentences

In Word Association Test at ISSB a word is displayed on a big screen mounted on the front wall of Hall in which all candidates are sitting on chairs with pen and paper on a single desk and chair. One word is displayed on screen for 10 seconds. Candidate is required to make and write a sentence within 10 seconds. Than next word appears and similarly about 100 words are displayed and candidates are required to make sentence for each word. Sentences made by each candidate are evaluated by the psychologist who forms an opinion about the candidate in the light of sentences he has made. These sentences are very important and one can get selected or rejected. Here we are giving number of sentences for each word for guidance only. At ISSB you must make your own sentences. The words given in this test Set are Drift, Humble,Snake, Excuse, Able, Short, Terror, Cannot, Cut, Target,Fail, first, Tension, Garden, Idea, Rumour, Machine,Nature, Brave and Lain